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Your guide for measuring

To measure for Curtains

Curtain measurements

Measuring width:

  1. Measure with a metal tape. 
  2. Measure the pole or track the curtains will be hung from. It is best to fit this before taking your measurements.
  3. Your track or pole should be fixed approximately 15cm above your window top and should be wider than your window by approximately 15-20cm. 

Measuring height:
  1. Decide if you would like floor length or sill length curtains. Ideally sill length curtains should finish 15cm below the window sill. Floor length curtains should finish 1.5cm above the floor or 1.5cm longer to sit on the floor.
  2. For pleat headed curtains measure the length from the eye of the curtain ring, on your track or pole.
  3. Eyelet and rod pocket, and tab top curtains are only suitable for curtain poles. 
  4. Measure the length from the top of the pole.
  5. If you have a radiator below the window - your curtains should finish 3cm above it, so as not to restrict the heat coming into the room.

To measure for a Roman Blind 

To measure for a blind to fit INSIDE the window recess:  

  1. Take a metal tape measure and measure the width of the window frame at the top, middle and the bottom of the window frame, from wall to wall. Note down the narrowest of the three measurements. 
  2. If there are any obstructions inside your window recess, such as a dado rail or tiles at the bottom of the window, then measure in between these obstructions. 
  3. Next measure the height of the window frame, in the middle of the window and at both sides. Note the smallest of these measurements. 


To measure for a blind to fit OUTSIDE the window recess. 

  1. When measuring for a blind to fit outside the window recess it is recommended to have an overlap of 100mm (10cm) on each side, top and bottom. 
  2. So, measure for an inside recess fit (as shown above) and add 200mm (20cm) to both the width and the drop. 
  3. If the window sill protrudes out enough to interfere with the operation of the blind, then only add 10cm to the drop and allow the blind to sit on the sill when it is down.

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